What Does Jon Gosselin Do? The Former Reality Star Found A Whole New Career Close To Home

Kate Gosselin has returned to TV (well, she never really left) with her children now that Kate Plus 8 is back on TLC — but what has her ex-husband Jon Gosselin been doing? Turns out he's stepping back into the limelight in a different way, as according to People, Jon Gosselin is a DJ. Kate Plus 8 came back for Season 3 on Jan. 13 after nearly a four-year hiatus. US Weekly reported that on Jan. 16, Kate made it clear at a Television Critics Association panel promoting Celebrity Apprentice that she no longer has any relationship with Jon. But she said she does try to "keep the peace" between him and her kids:

"I wish that things were better for the kids. ... It's very clear by now that I'm just trying to preserve what relationship he has with them. I do think it's best for them, but, you know, divorce is hard, period."

So although we shouldn't expect to see Jon on Kate Plus 8 anytime soon, you can find him at the clubs — spinning records. He told People magazine about his new career path:

"I love it...The hours are great. I get to go out, have a good time with all my friends, play the music I like to hear, and have the day to myself."

Jon has gone through a lot of jobs over the years since his divorce from Kate, but when Jon & Kate Plus 8 was first on, Jon was an IT professional. Just a seemingly average guy with eight children and a reality TV show.

But oh, how the mighty reality TV star fell. TMZ reported that in 2011, Jon got a job doing construction work for a company named Green Pointe Energy. Then People magazine reported that he became the director of sales and promotions for Gameface Int. in 2012. And only the next year, in 2013, he was a waiter at Black Dog restaurant in Beckersville, Pa. (about an hour away from Jon and Kate's original home in Elizabethtown, Pa.).

Now Jon is realizing he needs to settle down a bit — as a DJ. He told People, "I have to be more patient and let my dreams turn into ideas...I'm tired of job hopping." According to the People article, most of his gigs seem to be in Pennsylvania., like at The Bally Hotel in Bally and the Sportsmen's Cafe in Allentown. Since Kate and her children are still in Pennsylvania, I'm glad that Jon is still nearby — I just hope that by the time any of the kids are old enough to go to clubs, they figure out a way to never show up at one where he's working. Dancing at a club where your dad's the DJ? That's something no one should have to experience.

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