Did Kylie Jenner Really Drop Out Of School?

Despite rumors that were swirling around a few days ago thanks to Radar Online 's trusty "family insider," it looks like the rumor mill has been doing a terrible job at keeping up with the Kardashians on this one: Kylie Jenner did not drop out of school, and this news is coming from Kylie Jenner herself. As far as fact checking goes, you really can't get any better source than the actual subject of the rumor themselves.

The confirmation comes from People, who caught up with the reality star at a recent event in Illinois: "I haven't dropped out of school," Jenner reportedly told the magazine, firmly. "I still go to school every day." Apparently, not only does Jenner go to school every day, but she's actually only a few months away from graduating — and once she gets her high school diploma, she'll then begin focusing more on building her career. "I want to keep doing what I do now. I love fashion ... I have a lot of interests I'm pursuing."

Personally, I'm really not surprised that this rumor about Jenner got out of hand so quickly despite it not being true. I mean, the rumor involved a member of the Kardashian family, and people love to talk about anything and everything involving them, especially when said discussion surrounds a Kardashian-related subject that can easily be made fun of.

But, at the very least, it's definitely good to see that Jenner took control of the rumor and shot it down quickly. Case closed!