A 'Full House' Mini Reunion Just Happened

Since the buzz began about a potential Full House reunion show last year, I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for an official announcement. If it came to be, it wouldn't be the most shocking thing in the world — after all, '90s nostalgia is so in right now. Haven't you noticed that French Toast Crunch is back in stores? It's the perfect time to bring my favorite TGIF (and Nick at Nite) show back, and on Saturday night, it totally happened. According to People, the cast reunited to celebrate Full House creator Jeff Franklin's birthday, and just about every member of the original gang was there... except Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, of course, who typically shy away from these kinds of events.

In attendance? Lori Loughlin and John Stamos (also known as Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse), and Bob Saget, aka the man formerly known as Danny Tanner. And don't worry — the Tanner girls didn't go unrepresented. Both Candace Cameron-Bure (DJ) and Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie) were there, and Loughlin took plenty of photos to prove it. If her Instagram uploads from Saturday night are any indication, I'm really bummed that my invite to this party somehow got lost in the mail.

Can we talk about the fact that two decades later, Loughlin and Stamos have both barely aged? If they were an actual married couple with actual children (sorry, Nicky and Alex), they would be responsible for the most impressive set of genes in the entire world.

Loughlin also posed with Saget and with her TV nieces Cameron-Bure and Sweetin. If these pictures don't convince you of how necessary a Full House reunion is, I'm not sure what will.

Unfortunately, the rest of the cast remained silent about the event on social media, so Loughlin's Instagram is all we have to draw from. Thankfully, she was willing to share these photos, and my fingers are crossed that next time the cast decides to stage a reunion, more cameras will be involved.

My next question for Aunt Becky is this: Can you please point me in the direction of the fountain of eternal youth?

Image: ABC