Why Is It So Hot At The SAGs?

There is a new trend at awards shows this year, and it's not a fashion one. Apparently, really sweaty award ceremonies are now a thing. Back on Jan. 11, we experienced Hot Golden Globes, and two weeks later, on Jan. 25, we got Sweaty SAGs (er, yeah...). So, why were the SAG awards so hot this year? Is it to torture East Coasters like myself who are on the brink of inevitable doom — by which I mean that blizzard we've got cookin'? Is it because they want to make the celebs look more "real?" Is someone making a statement about the ridiculousness of celeb culture by breaking the air conditioners at every award show?

All conspiracies are welcome as far as I'm concerned, because no one knows what the heck is up at this point — in particular, Maria Menounos who will not stop talking about the weather. She talked about the heat with Kelly Osbourne who noted the place where she was standing was rather chilly. She talked about the heat with Kit Harington who himself said that the red carpet felt like a greenhouse. (All those random plants were really helping his case) And she fanned numerous celebs with a piece of paper. Co-host Ross Mathews got in on the heat talk too noting that he felt "premenopausal." Yikes.

While we know the Golden Globes were hot because reportedly the air conditioning failed and it was very humid because of a rare case of rain in Los Angeles, as for why the SAGs are so hot while everyone is still outside, it's probably because of some poor planning. The red carpet appears to be under some type of metal covering which might be heating the celebs like hundreds of pop corn kernels.

Poor planning is not very interesting though, so I'm going with someone wanting to torture the celebrities. Possibly E! themselves, so that they have plenty of speaking topics for Menounos. We all know she's no Giuliana Rancic, so with it being so hot, she can just talk to everyone about the weather whenever there's an awkward moment. Perhaps Giuliana planned it herself when she knew she wouldn't be in attendance. Oh, G, you are so wise.

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