Rashida & Andy Should Host Everything, Always

People usually don't miss the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards every year. But unfortunately, the SAG Awards don't always get as much attention and love. That might have to do with the fact that both the Golden Globes and the Oscars have hosts that can keep people entertained and energized throughout the night. The Oscars are arguably the biggest awards show of the season, while the Golden Globes are usually guaranteed to be fun to watch thanks to the fact that they serve guests lots and lots of alcohol. But the SAG Awards? They just don't have that "It" factor. But Sunday night's telecast did get quite the huge bump of entertainment when, after so many boring moments, Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg presented an award and completely killed it. In fact, they were so fun together that they are now officially my pick to host the Golden Globes immediately after Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader do so. (Please let Wiig and Hader host!)

Both actors have worked together a few times in the past, most memorably from the film they starred in together Celeste and Jesse Forever which, if you haven't seen it, go. Do it. Immediately. Jones and Samberg went up onstage together and presented their award with completely straight faces, despite delivering silly line after silly line.

I'm not the only person aboard the Jones/Samberg hosting train. In fact, I'm basically just voicing a sentiment that was in the hearts and tweets of so many on social media.

But most people were overjoyed to see the pair together again and hoped for more reunions, in general, down the line.

I'm down for any kind of Jones/Samberg joint project. Jones could easily join the ranks of Brooklyn Nine-Nine considering the show's co-creator Michael Schur also created Parks and Recreation, aka Jones' old show. Let's make this proposition a reality. Guys, can you please work together again ASAP? Can you please host a show together? Because presenting here and there is just not enough amazingness for the world.