Drew's New Concealer Is Perfect For Night Owls

"Where have you been all my rock 'n' roll life?" I asked my latest concealer purchase as I smeared it all over my dark under eye circles. And to think, I'd found it at Walmart. I know, I know. The 'Mart is definitely not a normal beauty destination for me, either, but… it's Drew Barrymore's FLOWER collection's exclusive retailer, so I deal. FLOWER D.B. Daily Brightening Undereye Cover Crème does one very crucial thing for girls like me who have plenty of late rock 'n' roll nights downtown in seedy, packed clubs: It pretty much hides the fact that I stayed out way, way too late last night. And, really, can you ask for anything more in a coverup?

It might have a rather confusing (and long) name, but this undereye concealer is honestly a God-send. It not only covers those horrifying dark circles that I get when I am sleep-deprived, but the applicator is beyond genius as well. It's tube with a silver rollerball on the end, which cools and de-puffs. Screw putting cukes on your eyes when you're all kinds of puffy; save those babies for the salad. Lots of higher-end brands have been using metal applicators on their eye treatments for a couple of years, so I'm stoked to see the trend trickling down to more affordable products. The cooling element of the rollerball wakes me up and it stimulates my skin — kinda like a splash of cold water, but much less jarring.

The roller ball also deposits just the right amount of product under my eyes and then I do the rest as I blend with my fingertips.

This magic wand pretty much lets me erase the fact that I was out longer than I should have been. I can't just blame the fact that the band didn't even go on until 10:30 and the fact that getting a cab was a headache after 11:30PM, adding more minutes to my commute and subtracting more minutes from my beauty sleep. I can't merely excuse myself for looking like hell. I simply have to hide my hellish-ness.

I've got to take a moment to celebrate that under-10-bucks price tag, too. It's $8.98 for a concealer that does three things (cool, conceal, and de-puff) very, very well.

I rock DB1 since I am pale. I swipe it on my dark spots, blend, set with MAC Studio Fix Powder, and the undereye circles are dunzo. As far as drugstore beauty buys go, this one is tops.

Images: Amy Sciarretto (2); FLOWER Beauty (1)