Hasn't Emily Learned Her Lesson Yet?

Not the cops, Emily — spare them and me the drama. The Hamptons has officially descended into chaos onRevenge. OK, fine, the Hamptons is always in chaos, but RevengeSeason 4 has been doing its absolute best to make sure the chaos continues. After Revenge killed off Daniel in its midseason finale, the ABC series has since had Nolan marry Louise for kicks and given Victoria Grayson the boot from being the Hamptons' queen bee (she's making a comeback though — hail Madeleine Stowe). But the biggest surprise came when Emily kissed Ben on Revenge because not only is Ben just the worst, but she absolutely should've learned her lesson by now.

At this point, Emily should've realized that any normal civilian is way too weak to handle her lifestyle — heck, not even Aiden could handle her lifestyle and he introduced her to this world. This small-town cop with a moral high ground is going to be no match for Emily when she ultimately picks up the red Sharpie again. And, well, what about Jack?

I'm all for Emily getting a new love interest — even if that means that this guy is headed for dead as I type this — but there's also Jack to consider. (This Ben guy has to maintain relevance somehow.) It's obvious that Revenge is setting Jack and Emily up to be the series' endgame 'ship. Jack, after all, has managed to survive the longest in Emily's grand scheme unscathed. So what does that mean for Ben? For starters, he just became Margaux's secret weapon in her mission to exonerate Daniel. Which means, at the very least, he's going to lose his job for the sake of keeping Emily's secrets. And, as soon as the series turns the aftershocks of Emily's past on him, Ben is essentially dead in the water.

Men don't simply kiss Emily Thorne on Revengeand live — unless they're Jack Porter. I mean, Aiden and Daniel are both dead because they loved her. It's only a matter of time before Ben bites the dust as well or becomes collateral damage in the dysfunctional saga of Amanda and David Clarke.

Image: Revenge/Facebook