'Revenge' Season 4 Spoilers Hint at Another Huge Death, Because Of Course

Apparently, the only way you're leaving Revenge is in a body bag. The show's Season 3 finale, "Execution," featured an impressive body count that included two series regulars and a character we barely met Sunday night. So, I can't say I'm surprised that one of the first spoilers for Revenge Season 4 is that a main character will be written off the show. Is this another sign that the show's fourth season will be its last? And, more importantly, who's getting written off?

Now, I know that "written off" doesn't mean the same thing as "killed off" — but this is Revenge we're talking about here, people. Revenge had already killed off 18 characters by the end of Season 3 (well, really 17 if you take David Clarke off of the list in light of recent events), including the fake-Amanda Clarke and Jack Porter's little brother Declan. And Season 3 wasn't much better with the brutal deaths of Pascal LaMarchel and Jimmy Brennan and Conrad and Aiden's deaths during Sunday night's finale. It's obvious now, remembering how Aiden originally tried to leave but ended up returning and leaving via death, that showrunner Mike Kelley loves to kill characters off the show.

Can you blame me for assuming that whichever main character that's on their way out next season will die? Now that we're in the morbid spirit of things — here are 4 characters that are already setting themselves up or being set up for a way out:

Daniel Grayson

It seems the most likely that Daniel will be the one to kick the bucket (fine, "leave the show") during Season 4. Back in Nov. 2013, Bowman pitched Daniel's death, because the character had "flip-flopped" so much that it'd become difficult for the actor to play. This is just about the whiniest reason of all time — most actors would revel in the challenge, but apparently not Bowman. He went on to say that if Daniel we to stick around through the end of Season 3 and beyond he'd have to "be despicable, disgusting and emotionless — worse than Conrad. Everything that he never wanted to be times 10! For me, that would be fun and the only way to keep him around." And he got his wish, Daniel Grayson's became one the biggest sociopaths on Revenge during Season 3 — he shot his wife after less than 12 hours of marriage, for crying out loud.

But taking into consideration the events from Sunday night's finale — Gideon's plan might not just stop with Daniel waking up with a cadaver. What if Daniel actually became a cadaver? Also, I really don't see him handling prison very well.

Nolan Ross

Just shy of a year ago, Gabriel Mann, who plays über-tech-genius Nolan Ross on the series, teased how he thought his character might die. He reminded us in an interview with The Daily Telegraph in May 2013 that early in the series fans learned that Nolan is afraid of water. So, his prediction was that'd definitely happen on a boat or just in general by drowning. I'm not entirely sure at this point that that's definitely how Nolan could go off — but what I do know is that Gideon definitely doesn't have a problem with offing people. And it seems like maybe Nolan didn't really think this partnership through. Gideon needs him right now to execute this takedown of Daniel, but what happens when he doesn't need Nolan anymore? Boom. Death.

And how shocking would it be to see Emily's right-hand-man go down? I probably didn't even need to ask that.

Charlotte Clarke

There are no substantial theories floating around the Internet regarding an eventual demise of Charlotte Clarke. But, considering this is Charlotte we're talking about, there's a strong possibility that the death could be hers. She's the last of the innocent victims left on this series and we all know how Revenge likes to take those characters down (fake-Amanda Clarke, Declan Porter, etc.). And killing off Charlotte when she's finally reached a place of self-identity and acceptance would be heart-wrenching and kind of epic.

Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke

IF (and that's a big if) our prediction that Revenge's Season 3 trajectory is leading towards a series finale at the end of Season 4, it'd be cliche but totally fitting for the real Amanda Clarke to kick the bucket. It'd teach David Clarke a pretty serious life lesson about faking his own death and leaving his first-born behind to pick up the pieces and avenge him. Because, honestly, I really think he's a huge jerk now. It's unfortunate that Emily's death would be the price he has to pay — I was so looking forward to her and Aiden sailing off into the sunset to make a new life together — but it'd be truly fitting for the series. Or maybe Victoria Grayson will get to her first — spoilers for Season 4 have explicitly stated that we'll be following VG's "revengenda" when Revenge returns.

**If you're wondering why Victoria Grayson and Jack Porter weren't included on this list — it just wouldn't be a big deal or really that surprising if they died or "left the show". They've both had a person close to them die and Emily clearly wants Victoria to die/would be devastated by Jack dying. There's too much of a motive to kill them off and they're too big of weak links to make that big of a splash. Do you hear that, Mike Kelley? Just stay away from Jack and Victoria unless you want to be predictable and BORING.

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