Emily Might Not End Up With Jack... Yet

The course of true love never did run smooth. Shakespeare may not have had Emily Thorne and Jack Porter in mind when he wrote that, but it certainly seems to apply to their relationship — or rather lack thereof. Because just when fans start thinking this could be the year Revenge finally brings these two together, something — or rather someone — gets in the way. In this case, I’m referring to Emily and Ben’s inevitable hook-up. And that’s definitely what’s going to end up happening here.

Ever since Jack’s ruggedly handsome partner in (catching) crime made his Hampton’s debut, I knew Emily and Jack were once again going to be put on the back-burner, especially since Brian Hallisay, who plays Officer Ben Hunter, has the option to become a series regular in the second half of the season. Why else would he stick around if not for Emily? He’s already made it quite clear that he’s into her. And while she herself has yet to show any romantic interest in him thus far, that doesn’t mean it won’t eventually happen. Feelings change. Circumstances shift.

Not to mention the fact that there are already some clear indicators that hint a blossoming relationship is definitely in the works for these two crazy kids. For starters…

He Saved Charlotte’s Life

Let’s not forget that Ben was the one who knocked Charlotte over, preventing her from following through with her suicide attempt. Kinda puts the whole chocolates and flowers thing to shame, doesn’t it? Like it or not, Emily will forever feel a sense of gratitude toward him. And although she isn’t the type of girl to swoon over a guy, I doubt even Miss Thorne is completely immune to such a chivalrous act of heroism. (Or an officer uniform!)

Opposites Attract

Where she’s mysterious and distant, he remains easy going and relaxed. Where she’s full of secrets, he appears to be an open book. Where she has blonde hair, he has dark. So yeah, it’s safe to say that these two could not be anymore different if they tried. But that may end up being part of his appeal. All of her previous love interests — Jack, Aiden, Daniel — have all been so intertwined with her quest for revenge, she may discover dating someone completely separate from all that drama and darkness to be a breath of fresh air. She could start to view Ben as an escape from all that — a relationship void of a complicated history. Just pure, unadulterated fun. Something that I think we can all agree Emily more than deserves.

There's The Unavoidable Love Triangle

The CW isn’t the only network that enjoys torturing us with never-ending love triangles. First there was Emily, Jack, and Daniel… then Emily, Daniel, and Aiden… and now, evidentially, Emily, Jack and Ben. Seriously, is it mandatory for Emily to be loved by no less than two attractive men at a time? Is that part of some curse or something? (And, if so, where do I sign up?) But the point is, of course the writers aren’t going to make a Jack and Emily reunion easy. These two have been a very slow burn right from the start, so adding another hunky obstacle into the mix should really come as no surprise. Jack’s already started acting jealous of his partner’s interest in his former flame.

Perhaps seeing the two of them together will be just the push he needs to make a grand, romantic gesture. But for now, Emily and Ben seem like the more probable bet.

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