This Is The Only "Let It Go" Cover We Were Missing

I know that even the most enthusiastic fans of Frozen are getting a wee bit sick of hearing about "Let It Go" covers, and that the topic of cold is probably an especially sore one for those of us expecting a snowpocalypse this week, but let's all set aside our irritation with the snow queen for a hot second (or a cold one?) to appreciate just how awesome the sign language version of "Let It Go" looks. The video stars two American Sign Language performers Amber Zion and Jason Listman, and their signing is every bit as powerful and mind-blowing as Idina Menzel's voice sounds—you can feel the energy in their movements so well that you don't even have to understand sign language to appreciate it. Also the make-up and costumes are wonderfully ridiculous.

The video was created by the all deaf cast and crew of the Deaf Professional Arts Network, produced with the help of donations given in support of "deaf people everywhere and allowing the sign language community access to one of the best songs in music history." Their other hit covers include a version of "We're Going To Be Friends" by the White Stripes and "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera.

I really hope that Disney animators get a good look at this, because there is so much emotion in their signing that I can't think of a better way to model movement for the next smash hit Disney song. They looked more like they had ice powers than Elsa herself (and they even digitized some magic ice for the full effect). Here's the captivating sign language version of the song below:

Image: YouTube