John Oliver Is The Real Christian Grey

Even though we are mere weeks away from the release of the much anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey film, some people are still finding themselves upset about the casting of Christian Grey. Host of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, John Oliver, is protesting the Fifty Shades of Grey casting, still, and has a message for Hollywood. Not only does Oliver believe that Jamie Dornan is #NotMyChristian, he is also offended that he wasn't even asked to audition for the role of the character who is the "the epitome of male beauty." Well, you know what? Oliver, himself is the epitome of male beauty, and thus should have been cast as Christian Grey.

In the clip, Oliver acknowledges that it is part of his job to provide fair news coverage, but, with that said, he will not remain silent towards the casting of Dornan in the film. Oliver blames the decision on "Hollywood's unimaginative casting," and takes matters into his own hands, turning the rant into his audition, in hopes of being cast as Christian Grey in the "inevitable sequel."

Even though Oliver admits to never having read the books, he pretty much nails the aura of Christian Grey in his impromptu audition, totally capturing the "epitome of male beauty." Here are five reasons why John Oliver is the "epitome of male beauty" and should have been cast as Christian Grey.

He Smolders at the Camera

He would know just the right way to make millions of movie-goers fall in love with him at the blink of an eye. Seriously, all he'd need to do would be to blink an eye. Look at the smile!

He's Totally Comfortable with the Taboo Stuff

He wouldn't shy away from the bread and butter of Fifty Shades of Grey. Jamie Dornan isn't doing full-frontal? You bet Oliver would have dropped trou quicker than you can say the phrase "inner goddess."

He Would Add Some Laughs to the Character

Anyone else think Christian needs a bit more of a sense of humor? It's one of the most attractive traits in a man, and Oliver is spilling over with humor. If you want people to fall in love with Christian Grey, he's going to need to have some type of comedic timing.

He Knows How It's Going to End

As Oliver says in the video, he's fully aware of how this whole Christian Grey thing is going to end.

He's Determined... and That's Super Attractive

Oliver isn't going to just sit back and let the casting snafu happen in the sequel. No. Instead, he is handcuffing (very appropriate) himself to his desk chair until he is cast in the sequel. He knows what he wants and he is going to get it, dammit.

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