Guy Asks His Parents For Help Swiping On Tinder

When it comes to the unsightly world of Tinder, one thing I learned a long time ago was to never let your mostly-dude, mostly-drunk coworkers swipe for you unless your personal goal is to get flooded with messages offering mustache rides, etc. That is, unless you feel your life contains a gaping void that could only be fulfilled by a deluge of propositions from strangers within 40 miles of you regarding the quality of your "dome game," in which case, yes, ask your drunk dude coworkers to go for it. But if you feel like you need a hand in perusing potential mates on the laziest of all online dating platforms, then it could potentially be a good idea to invite your parents to have a look. Please note: I said it's a potentially good idea. It's probably a recipe for unending awkwardness.

Comedian Scott Rogowsky, whose parents are adorable and whose sweater game is strong, invited his parents couchside to help find him a new girlfriend. After a little intro to the notorious app—"This is basically online shopping for women," he says—Rogowsky's mother attempts to create his bio. Her first go reads, "Great guy who only dresses through Salvation Army clothes." TBH, that's supposed to sound like a negative attribute but I'm not not into it. Rogowsky settles for the blunt truth: "My parents want grandkids." So starts the actual swiping. What does a dude's parents actually want for their son in terms of a partner? Apparently a strong Jewish identity and aversion to multiple group photos, at least in this case.

Image: YouTube