16 Truly Hilarious Snow-Related Reporter Fails

Let me just start out by saying that nobody on this planet has a higher appreciation for television news reporters braving the snow than I do. My own parents were both reporters back in the day, so disrespecting television journalists would basically be like spitting on my own existence; Assuredly, without being TV reporters, my parents would otherwise have never and made me. That being said, I have never failed to laugh at a video of a reporter biting it in the snow, because as good of a job my parents did raising their children, they somehow did not make me any less of a terrible person.

My all-time favorite story about a reporter in the snow is unfortunately one I do not have video proof of, but grew up hearing repeatedly, as it involved my own flesh and blood. My intrepid reporter mother had been sent out to report on what was supposed to be a massive snowstorm the night of Christmas Eve 1985 in Cincinnati, and had been waiting all night for it to start snowing so she could get a good live shot. After hours of incredulity at all of the not-snow that was happening, when it finally started to come down she rushed up to the window to look at it, only to realize in the WORST possible way that the window was double-paned. She hit it so hard that people rushed in from many rooms away thinking a car had backfired into the building, and it probably goes without saying, but her nose was super smashed. But being the total badass she is, she wiped the blood off of her very broken nose and did the live shot anyway. I should also mention that she went into work the day she started having contractions while pregnant with me, because this woman is possibly an actual superhero. Point being, TV reporters are the most hardcore out of all of us, but that doesn't make it any less hilarious when they fall down.

1. This guy who was slammed by a toboggan and did a back flip

"That was a bad idea."

2. This adorable woman getting sprayed by a snow plow

She is the human personification of "Shake It Off."

3. This guy who immediately regretted including snowball-armed children in his segment

If you ever wondered what "help me" eyes look like.

4. This guy who got a little cocky walking on the snow

This will also restore your faith in humanity a smidgen when a woman leaps up to help him.

5. This guy who took an unexpected journey down the stairs

And has a co-worker who happens to laugh like a Disney villain.

6. This guy who took on a snow plow like a freaking champ

If you were just listening to the audio, you wouldn't even know he just got slam-dunked by a WALL of snow.

7. This woman who was interrupted during a live broadcast by a rude sledder

Oh, whoops, just trying to save people's lives. MY BAD.

8. This woman who got beautifully honest on a live shot

And deserves every part of the standing ovation that follows.

9. This possibly insane but undeniably badass woman who continues her report after passing out in the snow

We've all officially run out of excuses for slacking off today.

10. This guy who freaks the frack out over thunder snow


11. This camera man who slipped right at the end of the broadcast

Featuring the reporter who probably wishes he hadn't laughed, lest that camera ever get his "good side" again.

12. This woman who quite possibly got toasted before the weather broadcast

That moment Wendy the reporter was All Of Us.

13. This guy who can't really be blamed for his Freudian slip on "asphalt"

The snow deserved it.

14. This woman who has clearly never scraped ice off of her own car before

(In her defense, she later added that she did JUST move from California, so let's have some sympathy.)

15. This epic compilation of snow bloopers that will make you feel like an awful human being

Join me. Welcome to the darkness.

16. And finally, this incredibly smug jogger who tells a reporter that the conditions are "perfect" for running and then slips on her ass

Tell me again how "dry" the snow was, pal.