This Frat Party Got Out of Hand, and Fast

Even if you think that you know how to party like a rock star, you still have nothing on these guys; last weekend, a University of Michigan frat party ended up with $100,000 worth of damage. Now, in addition to nursing massive hangovers, the fraternity has to deal with the tab and is potentially facing criminal charges.

It all started when University of Michigan’s Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity and Sigma Delta Tau Sorority rented about 45 rooms from northern Michigan’s Treetop ski resort for what was apparently a weekend of destruction-driven stress release for the 120 students. By the time that the students had left, er, were escorted out of the resort last weekend, there were reports circulating about significant damage to the furniture, carpet, walls, and ceilings. The hotel rooms were trashed, and the students allegedly left a trail of broken windows, smashed furniture, ripped carpets, dislodged ceiling tiles, damaged light fixtures, mounds of beer cups and wine bottles, and punched-through walls. Fellow Treetop guests complained about the students’ antics on Saturday night, and after they refused to cease their disruptive behavior, Michigan state police had to physically remove the students from the hotel on Sunday.

Now the ski resort is left with an excessive amount of damage, and has staff working around the clock to clean up after the frat party. Treetops manager Barry Owens had originally thought that the repairs and clean up would cost $50,000, but is now worried that the aftermath of this incident might total up to $100,000. Even though president of U of M’s Sigma Alpha Mu chapter has issued an apology and the fraternity has accepted responsibility for all expenses, the resort is still considering its options, including pursuing criminal charges. Sigma Alpha Mu’s national headquarters has already suspended Michigan’s chapter, and the University plans on addressing the incident though the Greek Life judiciary process on campus.

But it looks as though Sigma Alpha Mu and Sigma Delta Tau aren’t the only Greek organizations that the University will have to punish for bad behavior this month. Yet another ski resort is reporting damages from University of Michigan fraternities Pi Kappa Alpha and Chi Psi and sororities Delta Gamma and Alpha Phi. In comparison, the Boyne Highlands resort got off easy, and is only reporting $16,000 to $20,000 in damages from the students’ weekend activities.

So northern Michigan hospitality industry, take note: do not let Greek students from the University of Michigan rent out your rooms unless you have indestructible amenities or very good insurance… you’ll probably need both.

Image: Universal Pictures