Could Connor Die Next On 'Eye Candy'?

If there's one message that MTV's new scripted series Eye Candy wants to get across, it's this: trust absolutely no one. Sure, it might be a cynical message, but put yourself in main character Lindy's shoes — not only did your sister get kidnapped, but now a crazy cyber stalker is going on a killing spree around New York City in your name. It's enough to make you second guess everyone, from the guys you meet on Tinder-esque dating app "Flirtual" to the police officers allegedly there to save the day. Unfortunately, spoilers for Eye Candy make it look like there's one more person that Lindy shouldn't trust, and while he might not be the killer, he's certainly screwing up the investigation.

In the latest sneak peek for the third episode of Eye Candy , titled "HBTU," Lindy is going full-force after Connor, her best friend Sophia's other BFF and her sworn frenemy. Lindy and Connor's interactions have mostly been snarky passive aggressive comments, but in this week's preview, we see that things have escalated to physical violence — err, sort of. In the preview, Lindy and Connor are in a kickboxing class together, where Lindy confronts her "sparring partner" about an article he posted online. Apparently, Connor wrote up a piece about the Eye Candy murderer — something that Lindy thinks will threaten the safety of the killer's latest victim. But Connor thinks that finding the cyber stalker is his story to tell, too — and that he has the right to tell people how to protect themselves.

Not like it's his call anyway to take down the story — right before Lindy can really attack Connor, another man comes in, possibly Connor's editor. It's his decision whether or not to pull the story, and from the looks of it, he has no intention of doing so. Watch the clip below.

Connor is looking seriously suspicious in this clip, but I'm not sure that makes him an actual suspect for the murders taking place around the city. After all, the Eye Candy killer professes to love Lindy to the point of obsession — Connor just barely tolerates her. That doesn't mean that what he's doing what have some serious consequences, of course. I can imagine that the stalker won't be too keen on someone sharing their work with the public — especially something so "personal" as his love for Lindy. Not only could Connor be messing with the police investigation, but his meddling might actual make him the killer's very next target. He is a serial killer, after all — what's one more body to bag?

Image: MTV