Awesome Snow Sculptures Because Snow Isn't All Bad

If you're on the East Coast, right about now you’re probably thinking that snow is the spawn of Satan himself, sent to wreak havoc upon the Eastern seaboard. If you’re one of the millions facing the wrath of Winter Storm Juno, the National Weather Service says you should stay inside for day or two. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t start thinking about all the creative things you can with snow once it’s safe to go outside again. And there should be plenty of snow with which to work: if you live in Northern New Jersey or New England, you can expect between two and three feet. Congrats! You’ll be able to build the elaborate, insanely large snow sculpture of your dreams.

It’s important to remember, in the midst of the massive headache snow can cause, that snow can be awesomely beautiful, especially when it’s been carved into jaw-dropping art. Snow sculptors run the gamut from amateurs who use the raw materials (i.e. snow) available in their own yards to make giant lawn statues, to professionals who compete in competitions all over the world, using common hand tools to dig through giant blocks of tightly packed snow. Both groups have been known to produce some hella impressive works for frosty art. Take a gander at these beautiful, clever, and creative snow sculptures from around the world, and get inspired.

1. Giant fire, with proportionally large marshmallow

But where are the graham crackers?

2. Batman fighting a shark

A Goddamned shark, people.

3. Mailbox-Man

What this one lacks in finesse, it makes up for in bad-assery.

4. Ponies Ponies Ponies

So pretty.

5. And elephants


Isn't it sort of amazing that these snow elephants are actually BIGGER than real ones?

6. And a moose! Oh, my!

Moose really are that gigantic.

7. The biggest Santa Claus of all time

Just think of how many hipsters are out there who would cut someone for a beard like that.

8. I don't know what's happening here but I think I like it, maybe?

Seriously, did that apple just eat the other apple? Because I am disturbed.

9. No ugly ducklings here

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I love this combination of snow and ice—so soft and delicate.

10. The lady with the glorious tresses

China Photos/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This is the same lady that you see at the very top of the page, but here you can get a better sense of the scale: she is massive. Absolutely amazing.

11. Snow Castle

ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I know we're all sick of Frozen at this point, but come on. Elsa must live here.

12. The biggest rooster you've ever scene


I will not make a joke about a giant cock. I won't.

If you'd like to see some more amazing sculptures and find out more about how they are made, check out this video from the 2014 International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Images: Imgur (4); Getty (5); Jamie McCaffrey, Morgann, Pierre-Alexandre Garneau/Flickr (3)