Ed Norton's Kid Should Hang With North West

Did you know the Hulk had a baby? Well, if not, you do now! In March 2013, Us Weekly reported that Edward Norton and Shauna Robertson gave birth to a baby boy. At that time, the couple remained tight-lipped about their son's name and the fact that they even had a child, but, thanks to Us Weekly again, we now know the name (that is if these "sources" are telling the truth). Reportedly, Norton and Robertson's son is named Atlas.

Again, the couple hasn't commented, but if that is indeed their son's name, well, he surely won't ever get lost, right? He'll probably always have an atlas on hand. Oh, and he might even just be programmed like a compass. OK, this probably isn't true, but it doesn't hurt to have some fun with the name.

Norton and Robertson are a private couple, who don't talk much about their personal life, which is probably why we only just found out their son's alleged name, and only a few months before his second birthday (this coming March). And, for those who don't know, Norton and Robertson married in 2012. Yes, their nuptials also remained a secret. They previously dated for six years before tying the knot.

Congrats to the couple on their son who will most likely always be their mini-GPS.