Puppies + Sunglasses Wins Fashion Advertising

So I guess Instagram really is becoming the platform to discover new models, only in this case, it's slightly more out of the ordinary. Karen Walker's new look book features a dog wearing sunglasses, and if that's not remarkable enough, the pup was discovered on Instagram. Go ahead, start creating social media accounts for your fur babies.

The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Toast, is what you would call Instagram famous. With over 149k followers, the beloved pup became a staple on our feeds with his signature lolling tongue, a result of lost teeth from improper care. Appalling, but this story has a happy ending, because Toast was rescued from the puppy mill by owners publicist Katie Sturino and comedian Josh Ostrovsky (The Fat Jew), and is now so adored, he's landing fashion campaigns. NBD.

Karen Walker, an animal lover herself, felt that Toast's charisma would capture the essence of her brand, a casting that is not all that unusual. Mansur Gavriel featured sloths in their latest ads, and Karl Lagerfeld's kitten Choupette has fronted a campaign as well. So animals clearly sell. But Walker's look book has the most adorable points thus far, featuring Toast in a variety of sunnies, lolling tongue and all. Move over Cara and Kendall, fluff bunnies are comin' for ya.

Images: Karen Walker