Kim Kardashian Has A Big Surprise

The jokes on you all you fans and avid tweeters who thought Kim Kardashian was pregnant with her second child. On Monday, Kardashian posted a cryptic tweet that got fans and her followers all excited that she and hubby, Kanye West, would be giving North West a sister or brother. The tweet read: "I have some exciting news to share today!!!!" Naturally, this led to everyone assuming she was preggers, but alas, she is not. Actually, Kardashian is just starring in a Super Bowl commercial. Gotcha, all you people you love to jump to conclusions!

Oh, Kimmy, you sure know how to get people in a tizzy and all excited for no reason. For real, if you scroll through the responses to the tweet they're all fans asking either, "Are you pregnant?" or "Mom?" Wow, people really want her to have a second child. Knowing Kimye, if they have another baby, they'll announce it in some extravagant fashion, because, duh, that's how they do things. Or, they'll keep it on the down low, because now that Kardashian is married to West, she's a bit more private with her personal life than before their marriage.

Until then, we can (or try to, at least) enjoy Kardashian's Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile. Also, if you want to see a sneak peak, then you better check out Monday night's Conan, because Kardashian will share a little blurb of her commercial. I know you all can't wait for that.