Kim Kardashian's Baby North West Photo Is Too Cute to Miss (Not That You Could If You Tried)

Despite the many designer outfits from Celine, Lanvin, and Wang, it seems that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West prefer their daughter lounge in something a little more casual. On Friday, Kim Kardashian shared a photo of North West on Instagram, but her adorable baby girl isn't dressed in name brand duds. Swaddled in what is likely a piece of cloth that costs more than my car, North looks comfy, cozy, and snuggly as she chills out on some sort of sheepskin blanket or rug.

Kardashian captioned the photo: "I missed waking up with my little [angel emoji]," which you have to admit, is very sweet. She and Kanye left their newborn in trusted hands as they traveled to Paris, and like any new mom would experience, I'm sure the time away from her baby has been difficult. Hence the photo shout-out.

This photo of North is only the second we've seen of the elusive infant — the first photo of North was revealed last month, when dad Kanye went on grandmother Kris Jenner's ill-fated talk show. Since then, North has been kept under wraps, literally and figuratively. (Kim was spotted escorting North to a doctor's appointment, but the baby was hidden under a cloth.)

Not that we're complaining... North should be kept out of the public eye for as long as her parents see fit. And if that's forever, fantastic. But, judging from Kardashian's upload, "forever" might just have meant a few months. North does have a knack for finding the light, that's for sure.

Look at this pose!

Image: KimKardashian/Instagram