6 Genius Winter Recipes Starring Snow

We love snow for many reasons: it gets us a day to work from home in our pajamas, it makes the world look pretty and wintery, and least expected but perhaps best of all, snow is super fun to eat. While we might be currently cooped up trying to survive the blizzard of 2015, there's no reason we can't start planning how we're going to make use of all the snow it's leaving behind. After all, we definitely deserve a reward for surviving all the 2015 blizzard memes and cliché blizzard Instagrams that are guaranteed to bombard social media over the next day or so. And we can't think of any better reward than some sweet, frosty, snowy desserts.

Sure, it may seem a little sketchy to devour snow, but chances are you probably did this all the time when you were a kid. And if you didn't? Well, don't knock it until you try it. Whether you stick with a classic snow cone or try to make some fancier snow cream, the results are all surprisingly delicious. It's not like we're daring you to straight up lick a frozen telephone pole a la Christmas Story. Give the Ben & Jerry's a break this blizzard, and try out some innovative (and delicious) desserts. It's not like the main ingredient isn't just falling from the sky or anything.

1. Make Snow Ice Cream

With just a few extra ingredients, The Kitchn transforms a bunch of pure white snow into perfectly soft ice cream. Their major tip? Leave a bowl out on your window sill or fire escape so you can collect enough clean snow without having to scoop it off the ground.

2. Assemble Snow Cones

The best thing about a snow cone is how crazy easy it is to make. Just scoop yourself a snowball, and pour on some soda or juice for a sweet treat.

3. Mix It In Something Sweet

Snow cream (not to be confused with snow ice cream) may be a bit more intensive to make, but that shouldn't stop you from getting frosty. Just add some sugar or your sweetener of choice to a small pile for a sweet pick-me-up.

4. Put It On A Hot Dessert

Forget a la mode, and think "a la snow." Take your snow cream to the next level by adding it to the top of your latest baking creation. Bonus: your oven will make your home super toasty while the snow cream balances out your hot dessert.

5. Use It In A Festive Drink

Because sometimes snow days are the best excuse to get "festive." Grab some of the icy stuff, and blend it into a daiquiri or margarita for a fun and flirty day off.

6. Make Maple Syrup Taffy

Here's a new way to use snow without actually eating it, if that thought makes you too squeamish: The Kitchn uses fresh snow to easily turn some hot maple syrup into sweet taffy.

Image: Emily Carlin, Tuluum, Matt Buck/Flickr; The Kitchn (2)