Reformation Just Got More Affordable

If winter doesn't suck enough already, prepare to long even harder for spring. Cool girl clothing line Reformation launched a lower-priced line, and the fluttery dresses and flowy hems are going to make your oversized sweaters seem so totally dull. Is it too early to start my spring countdown?

The sustainably focused retailer announced on Monday that it would debut a new collection with a lower price point. The collection, called "Obvious", features jackets, dresses, skirts, and tops, and prices will range from $28 to $178, considerably lower than Reformation's prices, which typically run anywhere from $80 to $330, even going as high as $600 for more formal gowns. As for the reason behind the new line, founder Yael Aflalo told, "it's always been my mission to make clothes for the chicest people, not make clothes for the wealthy people." And that is definitely a mission I can get on board with.

Unfortunately, warm weather to show off these fantastic clothes is still a ways off, but fortunately, we don't have to wait long to see (or own) the collection, because it's available now both on Reformation's website and in the NYC and Los Angeles stores. Here's to a flirty and sustainable spring!

Images: Reformation