Jillian Is Eliminated On Her 'Bachelor' Date, But it's Probably For the Best

Poor Jillian. In her entire run on The Bachelor, the newscaster from DC has had it rough. Not only have the other women in the mansion mocked Jillian behind her back more than almost anybody else (except for Ashley S.), but she's also been the victim of the black bar across her butt anytime she's wearing something that isn't jeans or a dress. It's not that Jillian's a bad person, it's just that she's different from all of the other competitors. She's outspoken, loves working out, and she's not the most socially aware. And this Monday, after she won the wedding dress mud race with flying colors, she finally got the opportunity to hang with Chris on a one-on-one date. And unfortunately, it didn't go so well for Jillian.

It might have been because romantic situations are uncomfortable for Jillian, or just because she didn't realize exactly how much she was talking and how much Chris wasn't talking, but she seemed totally taken aback when Chris told her he wouldn't be awarding her with a rose — the first time this has happened so far this season. To be fair, it was a bad date in all the classic ways: Chris was bored, Jillian talked constantly about herself and didn't ask Chris any questions (that the editors chose to show us) and it was obvious they just weren't on the same wavelength.

The good news? Jillian has an awesome job to go home to, and who wants to live in a mansion with a bunch of girls who are going to make fun of you when you're not listening? There is a guy out there for Jillian, and I have a hunch she'll meet him in the gym. What's Cody Sattler doing these days? I have a feeling they could be #swolemates.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC