Will Lindy & Tommy Get Together On 'Eye Candy'? It May Be Too Soon For Romance

MTV's newest series Eye Candy might be all about serial killers, horrific murder scenes, hacking that doesn't seem completely possible, and a whole lot of general creepiness. But one of the most entertaining things about the first three episode of this episodic thriller has to be the growing tension between Lindy and Tommy Calligan. The "reformed" hacker and the NYPD detective are working together to find out who is stalking Lindy and killing people based on his or her quest for perfection. And while Lindy's life is constantly threatened by this unknown psychopath, she has been getting closer with Tommy, whom she hated at first as he and her ex-boyfriend Ben — who was killed by the serial killer — arrested Lindy thanks to her hacking. It seems the line between hatred and love really is as close as they say, since Tommy looks to be falling for Lindy. So could Lindy and Tommy get together anytime soon? Should they?

Here's what we do know. Casey Deidrick, aka the man who plays Tommy, told Hollywood Life that Tommy will realize he has feelings for Lindy by the end of the season, so something must be up the Eye Candy writers' sleeves for this pairing. But Diedrick also revealed that there could be a love triangle in the mix on the series. So does that mean that fans, who have already named the potential couple "Tindy" on social media, will have to wait until the end of the season to get any kind of confession of love from the pair? This might upset a lot of people, but I think waiting is definitely the right path for both Lindy and Tommy.

Here's the thing Tindy fans: Lindy's boyfriend Ben just died. He just died literally a few weeks ago! She's probably barely holding it together, let alone thinking about dating another man already, especially if that other man is her boyfriend's old partner. And think about how Tommy must be feeling. In the second episode of the series, Tommy revealed that he basically grew up with Ben's family and that he believes Ben's mother blames him for not protecting her son as he swore he would. If he is having feelings for Lindy, he must be in such pain to even consider going after her. In fact, he's probably trying to keep those thoughts as far back in his mind as he can.

Plus, Lindy's main motive right now seems simple: Find the man or woman who is stalking her and killing so many people, including Ben. Despite the fact that she's got two good-looking men who are potentially interested in her, Tommy and former suspect/Australian hunk Jake, she has already explained to Sophia that she can't think about pulling focus from her task at hand, especially since the killer could be threatening not just her, but her friends as well.

If Tommy and Lindy did decide to act on their feelings now, it would be detrimental to both of them, as it would probably be a result of the two trying to find comfort in each other in the wake of Ben's death. I want Tommy and Lindy together. I really do. I think they are actually kind of perfect for each other. But right now, they're too close to the same trauma and any romantic entanglements together would only hurt their future chances at happiness, as well as potentially even hurt the case, since clearly the killer is murdering Lindy's romantic prospects.

Plus, there's the chance that Lindy will want to explore a casual romance or even a relationship with Jake, who seems to be a catch and is officially off the hook for the murders. Maybe Jake is the perfect person to help Lindy get over her sadness about Ben so that she can one day be ready for Tommy when they both discover and properly develop their feelings for each other. Have patience Tindy fans. They have to get together — it just shouldn't happen right now.

Images: MTV; aerina/Tumblr