Submit Pics Wearing All Your Roommate's Clothes

Friends fans will remember "The One Where No One's Ready", widely regarded as the best episode of Friends (although it's far too much of an obvious choice if you ask me, true Friends fans can dig deeper). Anyway, it's a classic, incredible, hilarious episode. One of the sub-plots in the episode involves Joey and Chandler battling for the right to sit in Monica's big chair, which culminates in Joey stealing the chair cushions, Chandler retaliating by hiding Joey's underwear, and Joey "doing the opposite of that" which, per Joey's inexplicable Joey-brain, is wearing all of Chandler's clothes because "Hey, opposite... is opposite!"

To celebrate one of the greatest moments to ever happen on Friends, we're asking you to submit photos of yourself wearing ALL your roommates clothes (or your significant other, or sibling, or whoever you live with). You can email your submissions to CouldIBeWearinAnymoreClothes@gmail.com. (YES, WE DID THAT. Welcome to 2015. This is what we're doing with our time.) Before you send us your photos (ugh, we cannot wait) please be sure to do the following:

  1. Ask permission from the person whose clothes you'll be wearing (unless they stole the essence of the chair, in which case, they really should've expected this).
  2. Wear underwear. Be better than Joey. That way you can do physical things, like lunges.

The best submissions will be published here in an upcoming post, so you and your roommate have the chance to break the Internet with your Friends recreation. Just to be clear, you don't have to actually engage in the initial fight that prompted Joey to pull this move; You're more than encouraged to go into this happily and willingly, potentially with wine (if you're of age), and definitely with lots of roommate giggling and bonding because that's what clothes sharing is really about. Now, say it with me...

Image: NBC.com; Giphy