6 Sex Things To Try During A Blizzard

Everyone is snowed in today, right? I mean, we could be outside (because the storm wasn't actually as bad as they said it would be), but we don't have to be. And if we don't have to be, why would we be? It's cold and snowy out there, and it's warm and lovely inside. Also, you can take off all your clothes when you're inside and do something naughty. You could technically do that outside too, but it would be horrible, you might get sick and you'll probably (definitely) get arrested. And that's not even mentioning all the piled up garbage, frozen dead rats and yellow snow. Okay, this is starting to get decidedly unsexy...

So let's get back to the sexy stuff. Because you've probably got the whole day off work, and whether you're holed up alone or with someone you love (or at least someone you're boning), there's a wealth of naked things you could be doing with your time. What's sexier or more romantic than a snow day anyway? It's basically just begging for sexiness to be made. So make it! If you're alone, enjoy your alone time. If you're in a couple, well, by all means, you should be enjoying that too. Here are six sexy things you can do with your snow day.

1. GChat someone cute

When I say GChat I don't just mean, "Hi, OMG blzzard, [cute emoji]". I mean cyber-sexing like you're in a chat room circa 2001. You're a grown-ass person—go for it. Why not?

2. Be naked all day except for gloves, beanies and knitted socks

It's thematic nudity! It's also pretty cute. Sit in bed and watch movies and rug up your naked body next to someone else's, but maybe with big scarves around your neck. Eat food naked in bed. Eventually one thing will lead to another. And another. And another. And another.

3. Make a sex fort... I mean, pillow fort (no, I mean sex fort)

There's nothing better when you're stuck at home than building a sex den, I mean, pillow fort. Make it huge and comfy and put every soft thing you can find inside and then get in there and take off your clothes (if you haven't already).

4. Masturbate

Seems like kind of a no brainer, but if you're on your own, a snow day is a great opportunity to spend a whole afternoon being intimate with yourself.

5. Have a naked dance party

Whether you're alone or with someone you love, impromptu, at-home dance parties are always a ton of fun. And they're about eleventy billion times more fun without any clothes on. Jiggle dat butt.

6. Play dress-up

Pulling all your dress ups out can be a sexy way to spend the day. If you're feeling especially delirious with cabin fever, you can use this as an opportunity to role play, and pretend you're in some whimsical faraway sex world rather than trapped in your own apartment with no where to go.

Image: MeganLynnW/Instagram; Giphy (6)