Best School Snow Day Announcement Ever!

NO, WE'RE NOT DONE HERE YET. THERE WILL STILL BE FROZEN PARODIES COMING OUT ON THE DAY YOU DIE. YOUR LAST WORDS WILL BE "LET IT GO." Sorry, I'm calm, I'm fine, I swear. But I'm not quite as fine as these kids whose principal announced the school closure with the parody of "Let It Go". The man behind the madness is Matt Glendinning of Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island and although he is no Elsa, I have a feeling these kids would prefer his version of the song any day.

In case you haven't left the house all week and/or live far away on some charming west coast shore, the Northeast is casually enduring a snowmageddon, aka, the Winter Storm Juno. It is the reason why these Rhode Island kids are out of school and why my own 17-year-old sister is hovering over my shoulder laughing at this video instead of learning about how Americans went crazy on each other during the Civil War. Apparently kids are excited when they get days off of school? Huh. *bitterly stews in my adulthood*

I'm curious to see exactly what this principal will do to top this on the next snow day, because we are decidedly not out of winter's clutches yet. Until then, we can all sing along to this new and improved version of the Disney classic: "School is closed, school is closed, because it snowed so much last night, school is closed, school is closed, so stay at home and sit tight!"

Because unlike Elsa, we do care what they're going to say. The cold really bothered us anyway (but the idea of putting on pants bothered us a lot more).

Here's the video of the man who is an inspiration to us all:

Image: YouTube