8 Beauty Products That Actually Work — Tried And Tested By Yours Truly

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I am a consumer. You are a consumer. I think it's safe to say we are all consumers, here. And some of my personal favorite products to "consume" are, of course, beauty products (because the quest to both become and remain beautiful just never, ever ends). Now, B.T.I. (before the internet), we beauty-product consumers were bombarded with ads for miracle-working products in magazines, on TV, in flyers, and in all the stores themselves. But today, ladies and [some] gentleman, we now have the wonderful and glorious internet to contend with!

As though it wasn't enough to be completely flooded by ads for products everywhere else in our lives, we can now log onto Facebook and be presented with some kind of product being pushed and promoted in those little ad boxes to the right. But you can't always trust online reviews of products these days, because so many people are paid by these companies to do the reviews (people have been "selling out" since, well — always). So with all this marketing overload and the vast amount of beauty products in existence to choose from, how does one pick the right thing? How do we know which products actually work, and which ones are falling flat?

In case you hadn't gathered, I like beauty products. I love them, in fact. I guess one could say that I was a beauty-product-slut, even. There: I said it. It's out there. Now, I may have boxes of discarded, half-empty bottles of creams, lotions, sprays and other such things pushed to the very back of my cupboards and drawers to be forgotten about for forever, but I also have a vast knowledge of some products that I've tried, tested, and now live by. I'm asked all the time what products are my favorites and which ones I actually use, so now rest easy my fellow product lovers! With my years of purchasing and trial-and-error-ing it up, I have come up with a list of eight products that actually do what they claim to do.

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