Kendall Jenner Flashed Her Nipples At Chanel

Kendall Jenner's fashion world domination continues in full force, this time in Paris! The highly buzzed about model took center stage at Chanel's Paris Couture Week presentation, baring a little more than expected. Kendall Jenner wore a completely sheer top on the Chanel runway and I'm not sure what to think about this daring ensemble.

I don't mean just a little see through, mind you. I'm talking fully transparent to the point where she might has well not be wearing a shirt. I totally understand that topless models have become #normcore in recent fashion history, but Kendall is only 19 years old. It's a bit much. Not that she didn't look amazing, of course, but seeing the photos of her bare assets just feels a little wrong.

This isn't the first time Kendall has appeared topless on the runway, though. She made headlines in another sheer blouse on the Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 runway, after which the Internet had a full-blown meltdown. At least people know to expect some partial nudity from her nowadays, so it comes as less of a shock. But I still think this is crossing the line.

It's worth noting that Momma Kris Jenner followed her daughter's lead, showing up in see-through pants to the Chanel show (if you can even call them pants). What is going here?!

What do you think — too much or just right?


Images: Getty (3)