Sia's Song for the 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Soundtrack Is Gorgeous, Probably Not About An Actual Salted Wound — LISTEN

I have the urge to put on a platinum blonde bob wig, swing from a chandeh-leh-heeeeeer, and try my darndest to hit some notes (read: strain my wimpy vocal cords), which can only mean one thing: I’m listening to a new song from Sia, The Great and Powerful. “Salted Wound”, the Australian singer-songwriter’s contribution to the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, is now on the Internet. After a few listens, I reached the following verdict: The track is like a calm, albeit probably haunted lake sparkling underneath a full moon. Translation: I am here for it.

While "Salted Wound" doesn’t pack the same soaring punch as, say, “Chandelier”, it is incredibly affecting. It is all things sad and romantic and Sia's voice sounds like a dream and I never want to wake up. This could be because I’ve been hanging out in a Vulnicura music cave for the past week, but the strings on this ballad gives me some Björk vibes. Translation: I am still here for it.

OK, I know I confidently asserted that it's sad and romantic, but I have to be real: I have zero idea as to what the song is actually about. Following in the footsteps of many wonderful Sia songs before it, the words sung in "Salted Wound" are not exactly the easiest to understand. For all I know, the lyrics could just be a graphic and disgusting description of a literal salted wound. But hey, Sia could sing a song about a jar of applesauce and said song would undoubtedly rip my heart out of my chest. Her voice transcends language.

Damn, if this Fifty Shades OST isn't playing to win. There's not one, but two dynamite Beyoncé remixes, my favorite Rolling Stones song, and this Sia beaut:


Oh, and! There's also "Love Me Like You Do", a fantastic track from Ellie Goulding:

EllieGouldingVEVO on YouTube

Woo-WEE. That gal can belt. When she hits that big note during the last chorus? Uff da.

Oh, AND!!!! Lest we not forget the steamin' pile of hotness that is "Earned It" by the Weeknd:

TheWeekndVEVO on YouTube

Hubba hubba. Mark my words: This will be the greatest soundtrack for a feature film adaptation of a novel about BDSM there ever was.