What's Tanner Hiding On 'PLL?'

We've all been thinking it and now it's finally time to say it — Detective Tanner is hiding something on PLL.And, while I don't know exactly what it is, I'd be willing to bet it has something to do with Holbrook. On Tuesday night's episode, "The Bin Of Sin," PLL shed a little light on why Tanner's so hellbent on convicting the liars. When Toby confronted Tanner about Det. Holbrook's whereabouts because, in case you missed it, he's not where he's supposed to be, the main detective in Rosewood snapped. Sure, investigating your superior probably isn't a great way to make friends around your precinct, but Tanner just got a whole lot sketchier.

In the past, I've just dismissed Tanner as being another the string of detectives with vendettas against Alison's friends. I mean, Wilden obviously had it in for those four girls and, considering how many times Tanner has threatened to "take them in," she clearly has it in for them as well. And, in that moment of weakness where she snapped on Toby, Tanner essentially proved that in on whatever Holbrook's up to and that she definitely doesn't want Toby to know about it.

Of course, that could be for the sole reason that she knows that he's telling Spencer everything because, well, he is. (At least, he was until Tuesday night.) But it could also be because she's protecting Holbrook and she's more involved in the "A" game than PLL's let on. There are two possible ways PLL could spin Tanner and this whole Holbrook thing — first, Tanner has Holbrook undercover and working for "A" just like Toby way back when and second, Tanner and Holbrook are working with "A" either by their own free will (yes, giant police conspiracy in Rosewood) or under the pressure of "A." Essentially, all roads lead to "A" in the case of whatever Tanner doesn't want Toby to know about Holbrook. Which obviously has to make us wonder whether or not Tanner knew exactly what was in that barrel the entire time?

Image: Pretty Little Liars/Facebook