H&M Beauty Is Coming In 2015!

While many apparel retailers are dealing with sluggish sales and bankruptcy — moment of silence for Delia's and Wet Seal — one fast fashion chain doesn't have time for any of that noise because it's too busy taking over the world. That retailer is H&M. The brand has enjoyed steady growth due to its ability to get runway trends to market quickly and to snazzify basics, leaving other mall stores to eat its fabric scraps. Now, H&M is launching a beauty and personal care line, as well as adding another 400 stores to its roster and expanding its shoe offerings in 2015.

So, yeah, right now is a period of exponential growth for the Swedish discount giant and that's insanely refreshing, given the grim state of retail lately and the fact that some formerly cornerstone stores are going extinct. Clearly, H&M is set to have a very good year. And it's only January!

I'm excited about the shoes and all, but the beauty and personal care line really stokes the fires of my interest. H&M Beauty is expected to land sometime later this year and that's about all we know, concrete facts-wise. I would love to see trendy eye shadow colors or sweetly flavored lip glosses, and perhaps some amazingly scented lotions!

I know, that's pretty standard fare but the products don't need to be groundbreaking in terms of formulations. Given H&M's impeccable track record with its capsule and high-end ranges, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that they will make their beauty offerings pop in one way or another.

I am pretty confident that H&M Beauty will be awesome and for three very specific reasons. They are as follows!

1. H&M Is Always On Trend

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

H&M's clothes are always of-the-moment, so there's every reason to think that that keen understanding will carry over into its beauty and personal care items. The products are pretty much guaranteed to fall in line with what's hot in the high end. That you can bank on.

2. Cheap Beauty Products Can Be Fun And Non-Committal

Yes, I have my favorite luxe items that I will shell out ridiculous coin for, but I can never resist the endcap or cash register line cheapies at clothes stores, like at Victoria's Secret. I always nab a gloss or a mini body splash, because why not? They are not pricy and are physically within arm's reach. I would definitely grab a few H&M items, whatever they may be, because they'll be affordable.

3. Convenience!

I often pop into H&M to grab a fashionable, trendy piece or a decent basic and it'll be super convenient to stock up on some personal care items, like maybe a lotion or a cream, while there.

Don't know about you, but I'll be patiently waiting for more info about H&M's forthcoming beauty collection!

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