You'll Never Guess What North Did To Kanye's Phone

It would appear that North West is a diabolical baby genius, hellbent on bringing the Kardashian plumbing infastructure to a screeching halt. North West flushed Kanye West's phone down the toilet, as Kim Kardashian revealed in a recent interview. Afterwards, I'm guessing she turned to the hidden bathroom cameras and winked in an exaggerated fashion. That li'l prankster!

As reported by Page Six, Kardashian recently regaled People with some oh-so-droll tales of North's talents for destroying expensive technology, saying, "She can throw: She took Kanye's phone and put it in the toilet and flushed it!" No word on the circumstances leading up to the incident, but I'm imagining that Kanye was doing something so embarrassing that North just COULDN'T right now (I mean DADS right?! Can't live with 'em, can't exist without 'em). Without the power of speech, her only recourse was to eradicate the source of the problem and cut off dad's ability to communicate with the world.

Kim has recognized that these powers of deductive reasoning make North an extremely high-functioning 19-month-old. "She's so smart," Kim added. Don't be so cavalier, Kim. My guess is that you're next in this phone-flushing spree.

Because North West has an extremely complex and nuanced baby mind, let's try to figure out why she brought dad's iPhone on a trip to the porcelain throne.

Dad Started Tweeting In All Caps Again

It's so embarrassing!! He doesn't realize that it looks like he's yelling!

To Prevent Kanye From Sharing A Picture Of Her She Didn't Like


She's Trying To Eradicate Screens From The Home

She thinks technology prevents people from relating to each other in a genuine way.

She Wanted To Use It For Some Other Diabolical Baby Genius Purpose

Imagine that she stealthily pocketed the cell phone unbeknownst to mom and dad, and is currently using the technology to engineer a laser with the power to destroy the moon? I wouldn't be entirely surprised. I mean, as far as squishy/adorable baby faces go, North's is quite menacing.

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