Superbowl Halftime Headliner Katy Perry's Best Live Fashion Moments — From Elvis Presley To Rocky Balboa

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Super Bowl Halftime headliner Katy Perry loves a good theme. Whether it's in music videos with view counts in the hundreds of millions or on the red carpet of some of the biggest events in the entertainment industry, Perry pays attention to every minute detail of her ensemble. The California girl tells a sometimes kitschy but always fun story through each outfit she wears, in turn demonstrating a passion for fashion that doesn't take itself too seriously. She isn't afraid to dye her hair pink, blue, or green; she doesn't cower in the face of hot pink sequins; and she voluntarily dressed up as a Cheeto (winning Halloween 2014 in the process).

Unsurprisingly, such an attitude carries on into her live performances, which is why her imminent Super Bowl performance proves so exciting. Perry is clearly having a blast on stage, and her outfits are always part of the fun. Thanks in large part to designers like Jeremy Scott and stylist Johnny Wujeck, Katy allows her fashion imagination to take control, in the process creating three-to-four minute celebrations with every live song. Sure, her stage outfits are always a bit outlandish, but somehow they only ever add to her performance — she's the hostess of the party and her looks never disappoint.

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