Is Ione Rucker Single? 'Love Thy Sister' Proved It's Not So Easy To Set Up The Youngest Rucker

Dating after a divorce can be both an empowering and a completely humanity-destroying experience; or, at least that's what I assume after watching Ione Rucker attempt to reenter the dating pool on Love Thy Sister after splitting with NBA star Antawn Jamison. Is Ione Rucker still single? Technically, yes — but even though she isn't married or in a serious, public relationship, going from a dateless single mom to a woman back in control of her sexuality is a pretty huge difference for Ione.

Ione is the only single member of her family right now, so her two sisters are intent on setting her up with a new man now that she's been divorced for a few years. The pilot had a scene during which Ione's sister walked in on her masturbating in the shower, which was used as evidence of her desperately needing a date, but by the third episode of the season, we saw Ellen and Ruby attempt to set Ione up, and their choices were... interesting.

Ione seems pretty open minded when it comes to dating. She's gone out with people of many different ages, though that may just be the show's casting department grabbing some diverse and interesting candidates to spice up the episodes. But on her cast blog, Ione better explains her taste. She genuinely is interested in much older guys, but the people she met on the show just didn't have that perfect spark.

"I dated so many different types of people and I thought it would be interesting to show that. I go out with a 60-year-old white man and I also date a young black doctor so I met all kinds of people," she said, which kind of sounds like a polite way of saying, "I'm down to meet many different people, but boyyyy were these not the guys for me."

But at the end of this episode, Ione came to another realization: she's not over her ex yet! Ruby and Ellen seem suspicious that there's unfinished business and maybe even unfinished romance between Ione and her ex.

Even though Ione is dating around a fair amount, it doesn't seem like she's found herself a new boyfriend yet. But whomever she does choose to go out with next will have to live up to a lot of high expectations. Of course, she has her three kids, so anyone who chooses to be with her will have to be comfortable with helping to raise them. But much more challenging than dealing with her three elementary aged kids will be any guy trying to hold their own with Ellen and Ruby.

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