Is Russell Wilson Single? The Seahawks QB Has An Extra-Complicated Love Life

As you watch the Seahawks face off against the Patriots at the Super Bowl on Sunday, you may see the occasional close-up of Seattle's handsome QB and think: is Russell Wilson single? The rumored story of his love life should be optioned for a Lifetime movie, but perhaps the real world version is far less insane.

We know that the star football player used to be married to his high school sweetheart. According to Richmond Magazine, Wilson, 26, started dating Ashton Meem, 27, in 2006 while they were both still in high school. Wilson earned a football scholarship to NC State and Meem attended the University of Georgia, but the pair stayed together all throughout college. Meem eventually transferred to NC State to be with Wilson, and he proposed to her in 2010. Just prior Wilson getting drafted to the Seahawks in 2012, the pair got hitched. Everybody ate lobster mac and cheese and mini cookies at the wedding, and all signs pointed to a life of sunshine and rainbows for this pair.

But a little over two years later in April 2014, it was announced that Meem and Wilson were filing for divorce. Feathers were ruffled. Pearls were clutched. Everyone was shocked at the news of these two young, seemingly happy kids annulling their marriage.

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Then, the proverbial grapevine grew heavy with gossip grapes. Rumors began swirling that Meem was allegedly cheating on Wilson with his former Seahawks teammate, Golden Tate. Tate vehemently denied the claims on Twitter, and still maintains that nothing ever happened. We may never know what truly happened. All we can tell for sure is that Wilson is no longer married. So technically, he isn't un-single, right?!

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Well, there's been no shortage of rumormongering surrounding his romantic life. After his divorce, Wilson was linked to track olympian Lolo Jones for a brief period. He was also reportedly connected to German model Sylvie Meis for a bit. Wilson's latest rumored girlfriend is an Instagram butt selfie enthusiast who goes by the name of SnowPhat; although this very well could just be another random fake-lationship started by Twitter. After all, there doesn't seem to be much evidence of her dating Wilson on her social media. It's mostly butts.

To wrap it up, Russell Wilson is definitely not married anymore. He has anywhere from 0-3 potential girlfriends, and may or may not be into the idea of transforming his rumored love story into a made-for-TV movie (he probably isn't). Because it's nothing but jive until you see two people at a sporting event together, I would wager that Wilson is currently on the market. Have at him, ladies!

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