Reactions To Bruce Jenner's Docu-Series Are Sad

Shortly after TMZ reported on Wednesday that Bruce Jenner may be getting his own docu-series depicting his "journey," lowly trolls of Twitter took it upon themselves to decide exactly what this could mean. It seems that most Twitter users assume that the "journey" of docu-series will be about Bruce Jenner coming out as transgender — rumors that came to an ugly head recently when In Touch Weekly released a horribly offensive cover of Bruce Jenner photoshopped to look like a woman.

Reactions on Twitter ranged from support of the possible docu-series and curiosity to pure, hateful prejudice — the latter of which, unfortunately, dominated Twitter feeds. It's sad that some users seem to be so quick to forget that even if Jenner's rumored identity as a transgender woman is the topic of the docu-series, that doesn't give people the go-ahead to be ignorant. An important thing to note, as well, is that there has been no confirmation from Jenner himself — or anyone in the Kardashian family — that he is transitioning into presenting as a woman.

Most importantly, how could people think its their place to speculate on someone's gender? It's baffling. Yes, the Kardashians and the Jenners live in the spotlight, but that does not exempt them from receiving common human decency. If, in fact, Jenner is making his series about transitioning — and I'm not implying if he is or isn't, as I'll wait and see what he has to say — it should be seen as a positive: what better way to use your fame than to create more awareness? We hope that the series will portray Bruce in a positive and sensitive light, and hopefully his story — whatever it is — will be relatable and comforting to fans.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some of the reactions on Twitter, for context:

Even though some people on Twitter seemed "supportive" in saying that they were excited to see Bruce's story (if that is what's happening, of course) that enthusiasm is misplaced. His rumored journey is not something for voyeurs to capitalize on — and make no mistake, just because he is making a show about his personal life doesn't mean that he deserves prejudice and disrespect, or general gross gawking. He's making this series to tell his own story, and hopefully to squash all this ugly speculation.

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