Kurt's Older 'Glee' Boyfriend Actor Harry Hamlin Has Been on TV Forever & He Has An 'RHOBH' Connection

If you felt more than a little squicked out while watching Glee's Jan. 23 episode, you're not alone. Throughout the show we kept hearing about how Kurt has moved on from Blaine (so not true) and how he's found this new guy online (cue alarm bells) and how he's totally in a good place right now (yeah right). We finally met the mysterious Walter, played by Harry Hamlin, when he showed up for his first date with the new glee coach ... and dude was like 50 years old. The thought of him and baby-faced Kurt together takes a little getting used to — especially because Walter lied about his age. But I'm intrigued by this new character, mostly because of the person playing him. Who is Kurt's older boyfriend character on Glee 's final season? Guest star Harry Hamlin is an actor you probably already know (trust me).

And you better get to know him fast, because who can say how long Walter will be in the picture? Promos show that, next episode, Sue orchestrates an elaborate plan to get Kurt and Blaine stuck in an elevator together. Something tells me that, a couple heartfelt ballads later, and those two are back to being boyfriend-and-boyfriend. But that doesn't mean we can't appreciate Hamlin while he lasts. The guy was named People's Sexiest Man Alive a few decades ago, and for good reason. What else do you need to know about Kurt's latest love interest? He's got an RHOBH connection, for one.

Check out Hamlin in this hilarious Funny or Die video:

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What else should you know about this prolific actor:

He's Married to Lisa Rinna

Before Rinna was on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, or her and Hamlin's own reality show, she was an actress in several very popular soap operas, which is where she and Hamlin met. Hamlin has appeared on RHOBH along with his wife, where he's often seen making exasperated faces at her. They've been married for over 17 years, and have two kids together, Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray.

He's Played a Part Very Similar to Walter Before

In Shameless's third season, Hamlin showed up as Lloyd, a rich older man who had a less-than-legal relationship with Ian, another gay high schooler. Ian was mostly seeing Lloyd to make his closeted boyfriend, Mickey, jealous, and it worked. Mickey ended up punching Lloyd out, and Ian returned to dating kids his own age... but only after it was revealed that Lloyd was Ian's sister's father-in-law. Just another day on the South Side.

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He's No Stranger to Awards Season

Though he's never actually walked away with a win, Hamlin has been nominated for four Golden Globes and an Emmy. The Globe noms were for his work on the series L.A. Law and the 1978 film Movie Movie. Hamlin earned his Emmy nom just two years ago for playing Jim Cutler on Mad Men.

Looks like Kurt's date is quite a catch ... even if they remain just friends.

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