Meet Florrie, H&M Loves Music's Newest Face, A Kickass Singer, And Your New Festival Style Inspiration

What do you get when you mix one of the most influential fast-fashion retailers with some dynamic, up-and-coming musicians? Sweet, chic music to our ears… H&M Loves Music is the newest platform to showcase the latest innovative musicians and clothes just as crazy cool as their tunes. And the first to step up to the mic is none other than British pop singer, Florrie.

If you haven’t heard the girl’s newest single “Too Young to Remember,” released on H& earlier this month, consider yourself already behind on the times in 2015. Her addictive blend of sixties-inspired electronic pop that the world previously got a taste of on her four previously released EPs is finally getting its time to shine with H&M’s new campaign. And so you can shine just as brightly as Florrie, H&M has just released a new boho-inspired collection last week, just as funky as the star of the campaign.

With fringe, floral, and lace, this new line is all about creativity and the contemporary flower child. Standouts of the collection include a fringed LBD, a floral printed silk kimono, and a draped suede jacket. This look isn’t all hippy dippy anymore. With Florrie on board and its modern twist, it’s fresh and free spirited, much like the singer, herself.

Florrie's favorite look from the collection? "The fluffy pink jumper, and I also love the leather trousers. I'm a big leather trouser fan," Florrie told Bustle. "My leather trousers are my favorite thing to perform in. They're really comfy and always look good!" And what's even more badass than a pop star chick in leather pants is a drumming pop star chick in leather pants. Yup that's right, Florrie has a sick sense of rhythm to match her powerful pipes. "It’s funny how [female drummers] are still a surprising thing," comments Florrie. "A lot of people don't believe me when I tell them that I'm a drummer, so I just say come to a gig and I’ll prove it to you!"

And in case you already have your sights set on those gigs or upcoming summer music festivals, yes — just like H&M's upcoming Coachella collection — Florrie's line is the perfect festival wear. You might even spot the singer, there! "I'm going to Glastonbury this summer, so I'll probably end up wearing a poncho and wellies in the rain," she said. "I'd also love to wear the black tassle sleeved dress from the H&M collection to a festival, it's a perfect day to night outfit and it’s a dress so hopefully I'll avoid the mud!"

Even though H&M is helping the world recognize her as a style icon and a voice to be reckoned with, Florrie hasn't forgotten the struggle of being an up-and-comer. "Practice and do what you love," she urges fellow musicians. "I think you have to have a genuine enthusiasm and love for what you do, and you need to remember that when times get tough, that’s what keeps you going."

Oh, and just in case you were wondering how long it took it get that impressive bubblegum shot in her newest music video... "One take!! I actually discovered a hidden talent, it just kept getting bigger and bigger!" Just like Florrie herself.

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Images:; Courtesy H&M