The La Perla Couture Collection Debut Was Basically A More Chic Victoria's Secret Fashion Show — Here Are 5 Moments That Were Equally Sexy and Classy, Including a Killer Naomi Campbell Look

Wearing lingerie is one of the greatest joys of being a woman, in my opinion. (I could name a lot of reasons why being a female is tough, too, but this isn't one of them.) There's something about getting dressed in the morning before actually getting dressed. Which is why I loved the looks that graced the catwalk at La Perla's couture show in Paris on Monday.

Although some of the models have appeared in the Victoria's Secret's Fashion Show as well (Izabel Goulart and Naomi Campbell, notably,) La Perla's event blew our favorite lingerie spectacle out of the water. Simultaneously sexy and classy, the debut of the La Perla Atelier Couture Collection featured an inside-out theme, with many of the lingerie pieces layered over sporty looks. (Now, if only this fashion show were televised and Hozier and Ed Sheeran performed. That would be perfect.)

Wearing pretty undergarments is a way for me to start the day on a confident note, and I like to think that vibe sticks with me even though no one can see it. I can only imagine that this would be seriously elevated if I were wearing La Perla (even though my bank account would be severely diminished.) I guess I'll just have to settle for admiring from afar and dreaming of owning the pieces in these five standout looks.

Images: Instagram/@laperlameatpacking, @luciamanfredonia; Twitter/@laperlalingerie