Thea's New Love Interest Has a Big Secret

While our Starling City heroes and vigilante's looked for a way to save the city in Oliver's absence, Malcolm Merlyn had only one thing on his mind: getting the hell out of there. However, his plans of escape were thwarted by one of the most powerful sources on earth: daughterly stubbornness. Thea did not want to leave her home, even after Merlyn confessed that the leader of the League of Assassin was after them. But she convinces her father not to run, insisting that they should both stay and fight this foe together — a fact that Thea's new love interest, Chase, was more than happy to hear. But not for the reasons you'd originally assume. Because, you see, Chase is actually working for Ra's al Ghul. (Dun, dun, dunnnn!)

Yes, it turns out DJ-ing isn't this guy's only talent. As soon as Thea informs him that she's not leaving town after all (yay!), he excuses himself and makes a call to none other than Maseo, who has apparently made his way back to the League's hiding place already. (Dude moves fast in snow, I guess.) Chase informs him that Merlyn won't be leaving Starling City after all — a message that Maseo assures he will pass on to Ra's himself. And so the plot thickens!

Poor Thea. It really is hard finding a decent guy these days. When they aren't all hyped up on Mirakuru then they're secretly working toward a way to kill your father. (Maybe she should consider flying solo for a while.) Granted, we don't know exactly why or how Chase fits into this whole storyline. Is he an actual League member? Does he have a past with Merlyn? Could he perhaps even be related to Ra's? I'm sure we'll find out all of that in due time, but right now I'm extremely worried for Thea's safety. She's proven herself to be quite the badass this season, but it's always more difficult to detect danger when the heart is involved.

Of course, there's always a chance Chase will end up falling for Thea himself and become one of the good guys. (Though when it comes to Team Ra's vs. Team Merlyn, the lines between who's good and who's evil become a little blurry.) But in the meantime, Thea had better start watching her back because right now she's sleeping with the enemy…

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; Giphy