Maddy Hudson Sings Beyonce on 'American Idol' & Gives JLo Goosebumps

San Francisco has been the city of crazy-talented young performers on this season of American Idol. Sixteen-year-old Maddy Hudson blew the judges away with her powerful performance of Beyonce's "Resentment." First of all, yes, she sang Beyonce and KILLED it. Normally I would chastise anyone for trying to do Queen Bey because, hello, she's the queen and she's perfect and you can never be on her level, ever. But Hudson did it anyway, and it worked — she's going to Hollywood.

The only thing better than Hudson's performance was her passion and love of music. Singing, she says, is her sole purpose in life. It gives her confidence, makes her happy, and gives her an outlet to work through her feelings. It even got her through the awkward middle school years — girl, we've all been there, we feel your pain. That sort of passion is the true mark of an artist. It's clear that Hudson didn't audition just to gain fame, she did it because she's sees herself in the music industry — and the judges definitely saw that, too.

Jennifer Lopez can see Hudson winning the whole competition, and I can believe that. Her voice was flawless, her performance was full of feeling, and her dark lip was on point. It's clear the street performer is no stranger to the spotlight. It's tough to get out on the street and give a killer performance to passers-by, but she does it anyway. It's that sort of determination and skill that will get Hudson far in this game, if not all the way to the end. Sure, she's young, but that's an asset to a recording company since she can have a longer career. If the California native can win over America the way she won over me and the judges, she's sure to make it to the finale and will have a long career ahead of her.

Image: Youtube - IdolxVoice