Do You Remember Where 'Scandal' Left Off?

The wait is finally over to put our white hats back on, gladiators. ABC's #TGIT is back, which means that Scandal is back and Olivia Pope can come back into our lives now. No seriously, Olivia, come out come out whereever you are. After a long (cold) wait, all of our Scandal midseason finale questions will hopefully be answered with the return of the show, because the wait to find out what happened to Olivia is begging to be answered. The winter finale ended with many cliffhangers, involving almost every single character, so do you remember everything that went down? Don't worry if you don't, because we've got a brief on everything you may have forgotten going into the midseason premiere.

Where did Olivia go? Was she kidnapped against her will, or was she just playing a very elaborate game of hide-and-seek? If so, not cool, Liv. And how about that sketchy Vice President... What's his deal? Is he or is he not a bad guy (I think he's a bad guy)? And don't forget that Cyrus is now engaged! Seriously, there is so much you need to be reminded of before Scandal picks up again. Here's your guide to the return of Scandal.

Olivia Pope Went Missing... in Style

Remember that amazing dance party that O.P. had to a Stevie Wonder song? Can we just revel in how amazing that was for a moment. OK. Before Liv and Jake could make sweet music atop of that baby grande Liv casually has in her living room, she went missing. No, not like #WhereInTheWorldIsOliviaPope from the beginning of Season 4, more like #WhoStoleOliviaPope? I mean who ever this monster is, they caused the most perfectly poised woman in America to spill RED WINE ON THE COUCH. The horror. But really, where is she?

Papa Pope is Done With Olivia

Papa Pope is do-re-mi-fa-soooo over Olivia as of present. Why? Well, after Liv learned of everything her dad has been up to in the last season (and that's been a lot of bad stuff), she decides her and her team need to "hunt him, find him, kill him," (there goes the holidays, right?). When Rowan surprises Liv at her apartment — at this point, is it really that surprising? — she shoots him, but surprise, there are no bullets in the gun. Doesn't matter, though, because Rowan saw it as the ultimate betrayal.

Cyrus is Engaged to Michael

Michael, the prostitute turned love of his life! The entire engagement was concocted by Olivia to save Cyrus from a photo scandal, but even becoming engaged to a maybe sketchy prostitute seemed to be too much for Cy. That is, until Olivia gave him a pep talk, saying, "The Cyrus I know doesn’t hide… and wet his pants like a little bitch baby," you know the inspiring stuff.

Fitz and VP Andrew Nichols Aren't Friends

The Veep is not a good guy, you guys. He and LizzieBear (Portia de Rossi) are in cahoots to start a war with West-Angola, and will do just about anything do so. How far will he go? First, Andrew will have a fake affair with Mellie. Second, KIDNAP OLIVIA TO FORCE FITZ TO DECLARE WAR. "How are you liking that war now, sir?"

Image: Tony Rivetti/ABC; Giphy (3)