CBS' 'Supergirl' Cast Just Got Even Better

Just when I thought CBS' upcoming (and amazingly feminist-sounding) superhero series Supergirl couldn't sound any better, the show goes ahead and releases this bombshell casting news. Is it possible to have one of the most promising new casts on television with only two leads announced so far? Because seriously, if so, I think this show has just done it: Only a few days after confirming that former Glee star Melissa Benoist would be taking on the show's lead role as Supergirl Kara Zor-El herself, Variety is reporting that True Blood star Mehcad Brooks has also joined Supergirl 's cast as Kara's main love interest, James "Jimmy" Olsen.

If you're not familiar with the original source material from DC Comics (there's no better time to get acquainted than the present, guys! You've got a good while until this show premieres later this year!), Jimmy Olsen is introduced as an attractive photographer who works for the Daily Planet (yes, the same newspaper from Superman) and is good friends with Clark Kent.

According to already-revealed details about CBS' Supergirl series, it seems we're going to see Jimmy working as a super attractive, intriguing photographer for CatCo in the show: A media conglomerate company that was founded by Cat Grant (who will appear in the series, but remains uncast). Kara works at CatCo as well as Cat's assistant, and that's basically how the two develop their sure-to-be epic love story. Adding more mystery to the whole story: Jimmy's reasons for being in National City are a major secret.

This casting is important, however, for more than Brooks' undeniable talent: It's also worth noting that, in the comics, Jimmy is presented as a white, red-haired man with freckles — so the fact that CBS chose to cast a black actor in the role is not only amazing, but it's also a revolutionary casting decision that thankfully combats the major issues Hollywood often has with whitewashing characters and lacking diversity. And Brooks, with his appearances in numerous major television shows like True Blood (he was Eggs! Remember Eggs?!), Necessary Roughness, and Desperate Housewives as well as his charming good looks, is pretty much the perfect pick for this role.

Basically, this show already sounds amazing. I am so ready for this.

No word yet on an official premiere date for Supergirl, but it should be some time this year.

Image: Giphy