Kate Spade Saturday & Jack Spade Are No More

In terms of lower-priced sister labels to big-time brands, Kate Spade's Kate Spade Saturday is about as good as it gets. It features the same fun and bright aesthetic of the main Kate Spade line, but it's a little more casual and affordable. Saturday makes me want to wear bright colors and eat popsicles and just be cuter overall... and that's kind of the point, right? I thought so, anyway. If you're a fan of Kate Spade's little sister brand, brace yourself, because things are about to get really sad — Kate Spade Saturday is officially closing its doors, along with Jack Spade, Kate Spade's menswear brand.

Although the move may leave some asking themselves, "Wait, didn't Kate Spade Saturday only just begin?" for others, the choice isn't so surprising. It's true that Kate Spade Saturday was founded about two years ago. On the other side of the spectrum, Jake Spade has been a prominent brand for 22 years now. Both time frames are confusing — one brand has established itself throughout and the other may not have had a chance yet, right?

The brand knows what it's doing, despite how depressing this news is for the rest of us. According to Fashionista, recent reports noted that Kate Spade Saturday was not performing well sales-wise and ultimately dragging down the Kate Spade brand as a whole, which is otherwise succeeding in a big way.

So, what next for Saturday and Jack Spade fans? Throughout the next six months, all 10 Kate Spade Saturday stores and 12 Jack Spade stores will close up shop for good. There is a teensy tiny bright side to all of this, though — you can still shop both labels online during this time. So maybe just try to channel your sadness into retail therapy? That's my plan, anyway.

Image: ks_saturday/Instagram