7 Stages Of 'Parenthood' Series Finale Grief

The time has finally come. After six glorious seasons, Parenthood 's series finale airs tonight, Jan. 28, and no amount of tissues will prepare us for the floodgate of tears that are coming. We've been through a lot with the Bravermans, from fighting Kristina's cancer to coping with Joel and Julia's breakup and reunion to watching Amber transform from a rebellious teen to a grown-up mom. Those are just three examples of heartwrenching storylines over the years, and no one is ready to say goodbye.

As we count down the hours until the final episode of Parenthood airs, it's time to start grieving. Although we don't know yet if anyone will die — unfortunately, the odds aren't looking good for Zeek right now — all of the characters will be leaving us at the end of the episode. The process starts with shock and ends with acceptance, but you have to go through the messy steps of being Crosby to get to your triumphant Adam ending. To help you cope, I've chronicled the seven stages of mourning Parenthood, complete with GIFs of our favorite family members. Remember to breathe, grab a buddy to watch with (whether a furry friend like Otis or the Drew to your Amber), and may god bless and keep you always.

Stage 1: Shock

Whoa, this can't be the end. What? Holy crap.

Stage 2: Denial

They're just messing with us. It's the midseason finale. There are 13 more episodes.

Stage 3: Anger

Why would you cancel your only family drama on TV, NBC? Why would you take the Bravermans away from us?!

Stage 4: Bargaining

Just one more episode, Jason Katims. Netflix, can you make a movie?

Stage 5: Guilt

DVR'ing the show did not make it get canceled, I promise.

Stage 6: Depression

A.k.a. burying yourself in a pile of tissues and covers.

Stage 7: Acceptance

We had six wonderful years together, and there's always Netflix. We'll never forget you, Parenthood.

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