Cats Dressing as Their Owners is The New Twinning

by Hayli Goode

My sister and I are nearly three years apart, but when we were younger, my mother rarely skipped an opportunity to dress us alike (you really should see some great family photos.) But The Bold Italic, a publication based in San Francisco, took the term "twinning" to a whole new level with these portraits of cats dressed like their owners. Prepare to swoon.

The Bold Italic's Chin Lu and Kristin Cofer asked SF cat owners to look into their wardrobe and select the best garment to match with their feline friend. And the results were perfect. From Rock 'n Roll cats to cats in stripes to Little Red Riding Cat to a cat wearing a wig, these images have earned their way onto my screen savor, that's for sure!

For those of you who have cats, or even dogs, you probably understand the complications of putting them in fancy outfits and then watching them absolutely freak out, as if whatever you dressed them in goes against their personalities (we all know that Santa hat for the Christmas picture was totally necessary). But these cats seem to be working their new look just fine. Maybe the key is to dress your cats like yourself, and then they're fine to play dress up? It seems to be working for these owners.

The Chic Owner

First of all, please note the backdrop. Either that lady is a true cat-lover or some excellent artistic scouting went into this photoshoot. Not only is the cat dressed up, but she's getting walked. Excuse me miss, but does Taylor Swift know about you?

Little Red Riding Cat

This cat is off to see her grandmother deep in the woods. Because there's so much more boa to cover her with, my dear.

This Family Picture

Because it's not a family picture unless everyone is match, right? Her cat seems to love it. His cat is still getting used to the idea. I just don't think he understands the power of a comfortable denim shirt yet.

Images: Getty; dyisnf/Instagram; cyn m/Twitter; The Bold Italic/Twitter