You Can Dye Your Hair In Pixelated Colors Now

Good news, fellow humans! You don't have to wait until we all live through our digital avatars while we lie motionless in a bed and slowly decay into nothing to have really groovy, futuristic hair. Thanks to a new trick that I'm guessing takes roughly a billion hours to execute, you can now dye your hair in pixelated colors. That's right, hair dye junkies everywhere: THE FUTURE IS NOW. The pixel trend was pioneered by the X-pression group, and quickly caught the attention of Revlon, who recently featured it in an ad.

My experience in hair dye is limited to the ill-advised time I dyed my tips with boiling pink Kool-Aid, but even as a hair dye virgin, I genuinely hope this takes off in 2015, because the effect is stunning. No word on a pixelated hair DIY yet, but if someone is feeling confident and wants to take one for the team in the name of cosmetic science, all power to you.

If that's just a little too much of a risk to take, you can still try some other fun hair dye trends that have come out of the last few months, like dyeing your hair lavender or even dyeing it rose-gold. To quote an old lady who once said a thing to me, "Do whatever the hell you want, kid. Hair grows back." I have yet to act on her advice, but maybe these pixelated hairdos are a good place to start:

Image: mattround/Twitter