Rose Gold Is for Hair Now, Says Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller may be over fashion, but not beauty; she showed up to the 2013 British Fashion Awards with a gorgeous rose gold 'do. Not many people could pull off such a brazen color. Normally, a soft, pink hue could wash out someone's face, but not Miller — she's practically glowing. Then again, her hair could be toilet bowl-cleaner blue and she'd look stunning, right?

We love how it's not one color all over. Miller's dye job exposes her darker roots and gradually fades from top to bottom with orangey-gold ends. Her shiny, warm rose-gold hair gives her a dreamy, fairy-like appearance, which works, especially when people are donning gold everything for the holiday season.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her transformation reminded us of these other off-beat hair color changes that we wouldn't think would work, but celebs have managed to make look good.

Kelly Osbourne

Soft lavender isn't the first hue you'd think up for a new dye job. But for fashion-forward Kelly Osbourne, this eccentric rainbow-inspired color just comes naturally. Still, it isn't easy to look this good. Osbourne told Glamour UK it's a huge, long process, saying, "I couldn't even tell you the process that it takes to get my hair colour, so many different colours go into mixing it — it takes eight hours to do it!" We hear Osbourne can't dye her hair any other color because contractually, she has to keep it violet for Fashion Police. Although that's a bit strange, we wouldn't complain if we were her — she's the only person we know who could pull it off!

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Demi Lovato

In October, fashion daredevil Demi Lovato went into the blue, sharing a photo on Instagram of her bold color change with a caption that read, "Blue hurr, don't curr." Lovato is no stranger to bright hair transformations. Over the years, she's gone pink, green, red and now, blue. We think this latest color change is her best one yet!

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Vanessa Hudgens

There's nothing interesting about an ombre, but Vanessa Hudgens' orange-red variation is unlike any that we've seen before. It's warm, inviting and quite flattering on her golden tan skin. Hudgens says she was inspired by the seasonal change, saying this on social media: "Killin the season game thanks to @hellobeautifulsalonnyc #spiceitup #fallLeaves #youngandfree."

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