Chanel 2015 Haute Couture Brings Back The Veil — 9 Celebrities Who Showed Us How To Rock the Trend

The veil has come a long way since its humble beginnings as an accessory for those in mourning, as illustrated during Chanel's 2015 Haute Couture show during Paris Haute Couture Week. Karl Lagerfeld had his models walk the runway with black lace veils covering their eyes to accentuate his soft, frilled looks and it was beautiful.

As if that weren't enough to declare them In, Vogue has officially noted that veils are definitely making a comeback. The fashion bible traced the trend back to the 1930s with a lovely photo of singer Marlene Dietrich on the cover of Shanghai Express. Naturally, veils and other headscarves have different significance across cultures. In some countries, it's customary for a woman to wear a veil for religious purposes. In fact, Michelle Obama just made a major political move in opting to not wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia this past week.

But in America, the veil is more often used for utility, such as beekeeping, or to make a statement, such as during times of mourning. And ever since Reese Witherspoon wore a white, beaded veil for her character's wedding in Sweet Home Alabama I feel like I've seen more and more veils IRL. Now, the accessory is having a serious runway moment.

Although Lagerfeld is the first to many things, he wasn't the first to give the veil a high fashion spin. These celebrities also used the accessory to complete their red carpet look.


Rihanna's wore this to ring in the New Year last year, because why not start things off right with a princessy headband? It's a mix of glam and sporty, so basically it has Rihanna written all over it. She also wore it during a 2013 concert.

Lady Gaga

Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Because, really, what hasn't she worn? But this actually looks very elegant against an all-black outfit. It's overturned here, but paparazzi images of this outfit show the veil turned down over her face.

Kate Middleton

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

OK, I'll admit, this was a no-brainer. The British are known for their hats and rock veils on the regular. But I think only a true princess could pull this off in your usual day-to-day street style. Also, it really is the best accessory to go with this outfit.

Audrey Hepburn

This image was taken of the style icon during the filming of Charade in November of 1962 and it's just another reason why she truly is an icon. I personally love the larger netting in the veil it allows you to see her beautiful face!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

J-Law wore this thin, black veil to the Met Gala last year, aka the perfect place to try out an accessory like this. I'm sure her veil blended right in with the other costume-y outfits. But the Hunger Games star certainly looked less Halloween-y and more elegant than some of her fellow ball attendees in this black ensemble.

Queen Bey


Beyonce also wore a stunning black dress and veil to the Met Gala this past year. And, as always, she looked flawless.



In 2013, Adele rocked this small veil when she received the award for Most Excellent Order of the British Empire medal from Prince Charles. She opted for a shorter veil, probably so she could clearly see Prince Charles' face.

Elizabeth Olson

Elizabeth Olsen is sometimes the forgotten one among her famous siblings, but this cover of Dazed & Confused proves she's just as much of a fashionista as her sisters.

Kylie Jenner

Now this is a veil. This piece is actually a beanie with a veil attached to it (go figure) and it looks dramatical and beautiful on her.

Images:Getty(5); Rihanna/Instagram;Dazed & Confused; ms_audreyhepburn/Instagram; Kylie Jenner/Instagram